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    Garage Door Repair in Burnaby

    With a mission to offer better services to all British Columbia residents, A Plus Garage Doors not only has the knowledge in garage door repair in Burnaby. Call A Plus Garage Doors at (778) 401-9955!

    We focus on offering satisfactory repair services at competitive market rates so that we can stay relevant in this competitive industry. You will not only receive normal repair services if you contact us. We offer efficient payment plans for customers within the Grater Toronto Area.

    Just search for “garage door services near me” on any online platform to find a nearest A Plus Garage Doors company near you. Call us at (778) 401-9955!

    (778) 401-9955

    Our Garage Door Services

    We are proud to offer to all our customers a full range of garage door repair. Our expert team can work with all kinds of garage doors!

    Our company in GVA offers:

    Common Door Services

    Emergency Service

    Residential Garage Door Repair

    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Garage New Openers

    Garage Door Unlocking

    Garage Springs

    Replacement & Installation

    Garage Door Lock Repair

    Garage Cables

    Broken Garage Door Hinges

    Garage Door Keypad Repair

    Garage Door Replacement


    Cable Breaks

    Commercial Overhead Doors

    Steel Front Doors

    Aluminum Capping

    Fiberglass Front Doors

    Preventative Maintenance

    Garage Doors Service

    Off the Tracks

    Broken Opener

    Broken Garage Door Springs

    Visual Track Inspection

    Inspect Bearings

    Garage Door Parts

    Accidental Damage Repair

    Weather Stripping

    Noise Reduction Service

    New Garage Doors Installation

    Garage Door Alignment

    Lifting System Adjustment

    Hardware Replacement and Maintenance

    Automatic Door Repair

    Damaged Rollers Repair

    Garage Door Framing

    Emergency Garage Door Repair in Burnaby

    If you have the necessary tools, a simple garage door fix will last you less than an hour, while complex garage repairs can last a maximum of 3 hours. Call A Plus Garage Doors at (778) 401-9955!

    A Plus Garage Doors not just uses the necessary tools to get the job done fast, but have modern garage door repair tool set to guarantee efficient outcomes in an emergency situation.

    We also offer 24 hour garage door repair. Our technicians will not take more than 3 hours in your home for any emergency call. Call us at (778) 401-9955!

    (778) 401-9955

    Garage Door Openers

    Openers are an integral part of any garage door. Without an efficiently working opener, a garage door will fail or disappoint you. So, you need to regularly maintain the door opener for improved results. Call A Plus Garage Doors at (778) 401-9955!

    A Plus Garage Doors understands what it takes to have an efficiently working garage door opener. We offer maintenance, emergency repair services, and new opener installations for residents within the GVA.

    Do not troubleshoot the openers if you are not sure how each component works. Call our experts at (778) 401-9955 anytime and let them assist you.

    (778) 401-9955

    Residential & Commercial Service

    A Plus Garage Doors is a top garage door repair near me company offering the best and most affordable commercial & residential services to customers in Burnaby. Call us at (778) 401-9955!

    Do not make a mistake of contacting unprofessional repair service company for your residential or commercial garage door repair.

    Contact our Burnaby garage door repair company today and book a date with our professional logistics team. Call A Plus Garage Doors at (778) 401-9955!

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    Our Testimonials

    • He came to me house at 8:30 and got my garage door working. He gave me options from replacing my door to just reinforcing my door till I could afford to replace it.

      Johnathan Giordano Avatar Johnathan Giordano
    • I woke up this morning and my garage door would not open. Upon inspection, I noticed a broken spring. I called A+ Garage Doors. The technician sent me some pictures of the door and was able to give me a free quote. He replaced the door spring, fixed the broken hinge, and did a complete door diagnostic in about 30 minutes. Everything works great now! Highly recommend!!!

      Denis Jackson Avatar Denis Jackson
    • A plus garage doors team is efficient and punctual. They asked me to send photos of my garage door; gave a free estimation over the phone; and came & fixed it. Now my garage door works great!

      Mark Rickman Avatar Mark Rickman

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